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Unspoken Ones: the missing link by Jacinta Chavous-Kambach

Unspoken Ones: the missing link


n the first volume of the Jacinta Chavous-Kambach’s passionate, enticing trilogy, Amelia’s quest to find her parents takes you on an adventure of discovery, a mission of finding self, and a quest for love. Unspoken Ones, the missing link, is a love story complicated by the need to not only choose the right love but to also save a supernatural race. In it, Jacinta Chavous Kambach shares how love can be felt by a simple touch, kiss, or even a seductive look from afar. Her abilities in capturing the experience, the moment, and the passion of supernatural love can be felt and experienced in every page due to its relatable issues of tradition and choices the characters have to make. Unspoken Ones introduces you to a new being in romance fantasy who like humans have the battle to save the ones they love.

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A Pirate's Life in the Golden Age of Piracy by Robert Jacob

A Pirate's Life in the Golden Age of Piracy


hink you know everything about Pirates? The facts are that the historical record on pirates is vague, contradictory, and rarely accurate. If you thought you knew all about pirates you’re in for some surprising revelations that will leaving you even more intrigued!

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What's Next Jesus? by George A Morrison

What's Next Jesus? Taste and See


hat's Next Jesus? Taste and See is the second book in Triune God Bible Study Guide series about the Trilogy: God the Father, Jesus His Son, and the Holy Spirit. As in the first book, The Nature of God, Through Jesus Christ, you will be drawn nearer to The Father as you dwell on His words and read about His Son's miracles. Much like His Father, the Creator of the universe, who desires to have a personal, intimate relationship with all of His creation, Jesus's desire for you is to remain in Him. This book recounts just a few of the many miraculous events that Jesus performed while here on Earth. Yet, Jesus also promises that if we truly believe and seek Him at every turn He will grant us the power and authority to do even greater things in His name. I invite you to open the cover and be reminded as you Taste and See

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Glimpses of Heaven by Richard S Smith

Glimpses of Heaven


eaven is for real! Having journeyed there multiple times and enjoying his heavenly 17-year-old body the sheer joy of walking and talking with Jesus fills you in on the truths that heaven hides within its veil. Take a peek behind the veil with the author as he recounts his experience on a truly awakening spiritual journey to heaven.

Available in Kindle

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Unhealthy or Healthy Eating, It's Finally Up to You!

Unhealthy or Healthy Eating, It's Finally Up to You!


f you have ever tried to lose weight only to gain it all back, this book is for you! Look and feel healthier, take control of your eating behaviors, and live a balanced an healthy life. Dr. Bart Billings, a psychologist with over 50 years of experience helping people successfully deal with the most challenging issues in their lives, shares how you can use Choice Theory Psychology to help you make the right food and nutrition choices. Break through old behaviors and limiting thoughts to make better food choices and become healthier while losing weight.

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Invisible Scars by Bart P Billings, PhD

Invisible Scars: How To Treat Combat Stress and PTSD Without Medication


n this tell all book, Dr. Billings chronicles the VA & the Military’s decision to use brain/mind altering medications for residual effects of combat stress, why they do it, the effects on veterans/soldiers, and how new integrative treatment programs are now helping military veterans return to normal, healthy lives, without brain/mind altering psychiatric medications. 

Leading the call for a more intelligent, more effective and humane treatment is Bart P. Billings, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist, retired enlisted soldier, and Medical Service Corps officer (USA retired - 34 yrs.). He has successfully treated hundreds of soldiers with combat stress reactions and PTSD without psychiatric medications. 

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You'll Come to Me - Dusk to Dawn Series, book 1

You'll Come To Me - Dusk to Dawn Series, book 1


marriage of violence and control is not love and for Raine the moment of truth has come, the dark night of the soul is upon her but will she will find her way? You'll Come to Me is an electrifying story of strength and courage that will grip you until the very last page. 

As she fights to survive, what will Raine eventually find? An unexpected love that heals and restores her life, or will she remained trapped in a life of shadows an never moving into a new life of light?

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The Baby Boomer Millennial Divide by author Beverly Mahone

The Baby Boomer Millennial Divide: Making it Work at Work


he ever changing workforce requires new ways of communication and creative tools to groom and develop leadership in employees in todays demanding corporate culture.

"For many managers, the modern workplace is one part opportunity, one part overwhelm. On any given day we are excited about finding interesting ways to capitalize on the exceptional combined talents of our employees, while we are stretched to figure out how to adjust our style of management to be able to treat each employee like an individual. This constant shifting between opportunity and overwhelm is not only necessary, but it's non-negotiable as a manager." - Beverly Mahone, Author

"The Baby Boomer Millennial Divide" - Making it Work at Work will help any new or seasoned manager adjust to the new thinking and culture of today's Millennials as they enter and rise through the workforce.

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#The Secret Code of Girls by author Mae Dixon

#The Secret Code of Girls

# T

he Secret Code of Girls is written in an easy to understand and follow format. Mae provides time-tested advice for a new generation of girls lost in the twinkling interlude between life as a girl and becoming the amazing woman she was born to be. 

This book is about possibilities—of hope for girls who are seeking answers to the tough questions of growing up. It is a resource for young girls who may need a little help with understanding who they are and the whys of life

Blood Red Sundown by author Allen Gates

Blood Red Sundown


anta Barbara California finds itself under the scourge of a serial killer who preys on innocent women. Detective Lon Sanders and his partner are being harassed for being slow to solve the case. To add to their problems a popular US Senator uses the same MO in copy cat fashion to murder his wife. This suspense filled story contains colorful and complex characters all intertwined to make this a wild “who done it” that will have you glued until the end.


Fahrenheit 1600 by author Jerry Weber

Fahrenheit 1600


ahrenheit 1600 is essentially a classic fall from grace and ultimate redemption story. Victor Kozol could be anyone's son, nephew or neighbor. By illegally cremating bodies for the New York crime syndicate, he solves his financial problems but at great personal risk. After almost losing his and his girlfriend’s lives, he finds redemption through the intervention of a much stronger willed person in Karen who will become his future wife. These suspenseful twists and turns feature romance, comedy, and tragedy all occurring in the Northeast Pennsylvania coal regions.

The Green Coat by author Debra L Stokes

The Green Coat


he Green Coat is book 1 in a series of children’s books explaining the love of God. 

In this first book author Debra L. Stokes demonstrates God’s love for a lost soul through sacrificial giving. When Miss Betty notices a young woman at the train station in need she offers her the warmth of God’s love through the giving of her new green coat.


Grace at the Gate by Gary L Fisher

Grace at the Gates


race at the Gates is one of those very rare treats, mixing historical accounts into a wonderful love story that crosses though time. Some of history's most colorful characters come back to life, Buffalo Bill Cody, Theodore Roosevelt, and Mark Twain, all make appearances in the story, even the Wright Brothers first manned flight occurs as the tale unfolds through the eyes of star-crossed lovers Charlie and Grace. A story so wonderfully real you won't be able to put it down!

Chasing Shadows by Author, Daryl May

Chasing Shadows


ORMER DEPUTY SHERIFF DARYL MAY writes with meticulous detail how two gunshots changed his life. On a muggy Florida night, he nearly left this world when fighting for his life in a watery ditch. This remarkable true tale is gripping and heart-thumping as you ride along with him on that dark and lonely road.

Chasing Shadows is also a mesmerizing bit of Florida history in its finest telling. Author Daryl May battled drug dealers, messed with the Mafia, told the FBI to shove it, monitored the Klan, witnessed racial discrimination, and found himself in the middle of 1960s civil unrest and riots. He guarded President Jack Kennedy four days before he was assassinated in Dallas. He wrote a hit song for a country music super star, performed on cruise ships, at an Australian mountain ski resort, and lounges and fashionable hotels from Florida to Myrtle Beach, SC. And according to news headlines, he had a one-nighter with Caroline Kennedy, daughter of the POTUS.

Chasing Shadows is a real life story with all the humor, suspense, and drama of a popular thriller. If Hiaasen or DeMille wrote a novel about May’s life … it might well read like Chasing Shadows.

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2018 Weird & Wacky Holiday Marketing Guide (9th Edition)

2018 Weird & Wacky Holiday Marketing Guide (10th Edition)


Marketing Best-Seller and Award Winning Series this book will take your marketing to new successes. With fun holiday ideas for each month, week, day and the entire calendar year, templates, tools, links and resources your business marketing is made easy!

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Holiday Marketing Guide Companion PlaybookYou asked for it and it's finally available! The long awaited calendar listing with space to pen your thoughts and plans for the weird & wacky holidays you choose to showcase your business. Use this companion book with the annual Weird & Wacky Holiday Marketing Guide to plan and track your business marketing success.

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Let Meditation Mend You by authors Drs Stella & Jai

Let Mediation Mend You


ET MEDITATION MEND YOU will share the history, origin, and benefits of the common forms of meditation. The book is perfect for those beginners looking for a way to enhance and de-stress their lives and provides a great introduction to meditation, revealing the secrets of its healing properties. This new book even contains a special chapter dedicated to women in the workforce and the beneficial effects meditation can have in their roles as future global transformational leaders. In order to gain the most from the meditative state, it is important that each reader understands its past and present practices. You will find a very helpful introduction to the existing research and current recommended practices, enabling you to select the meditation form that works best for you. Inside Let Meditation Mend You, you will be able to discover the right method for you so you can heal your life!

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The Other Brooklyn by author Bob Ieva

The Other Brooklyn


he undercurrent of the 1950s runs contradictory to the sugary vanilla life promoted on the TV during that time. Making a name for yourself draws attention from both sides of the street. No one knows this better than self-made business owner Joey Toranetti living in the midst of big crime families in his town. Navigating around crime bosses and MOB influenced politicians Joey manages to do whatever he must to protect his family and his business. As the title of the book "The Other Brooklyn" implies, we follow Joey through some unbelievable and gripping situations that require him to use his own street smarts to survive in such a tumultuous environment.

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Book III — The Final Offer Now Available in Print

Each book of the series Available in Kindle:
The Hitman | The Franchise | The Final Offer


Book 4, The New Breed

Book 4 Joey Toranetti Series, The New Breed by Bob Ieva

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Book 5, The Italian Vendetta

Book 5 Joey Toranetti Series, The Italian Vendetta by Bob Ieva

Available in Kindle & Print

Book 6, Red Brooklyn

Availble in Kindle & Print



How Not to Lose Your Bass in Business by Dick W Powell
How Not to Lose Your Bass in Business


wning and growing a business in today's environment requires practical methods to create faster results! Theory is out and proven strategies based on experience and data are in. "How Not To Lose Your Bass in Business" is the practical guide of strategies based on years of successful business experience. Whether the reader is just starting out, expanding a current business, or trying to save their business from failing, this book by author and business expert D.W. Powell will put any entrepreneur on the right path for solid growth creating a successful business legacy!

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The New Business Brigade by John Ubaldi

The New Business Brigade: Veterans Dynamic Impact on US Business


s a retired 30 year veteran of the United States Marine Corps with three tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan, author and Civil Affairs expert John Ubaldi  believes that America’s best days lie still ahead of us and that the key to reaching America’s true promise is to tap into her greatest overlooked natural resource; returning veterans.
If nothing tempers character like conflict, than who best would embody the qualities of unwavering integrity, stalwart dedication, untrammeled creativity and mutual cooperation, than those whose character has been tested to the utmost. 
Just as the GI’s of the greatest generation built up the rank and standing of this nation through their intrepid spirit after the Second World War, John predicts that this newer generation of warriors is poised to make an equal and historic contribution to the dream of America fulfilling her destiny as the beacon of hope and the shining city on the hill.

With veterans leading the way to greater clarity of national purpose and a deepened sense of individual and interpersonal contribution, the stage will be set for a renaissance of American values that will sweep the world, revolutionize this century and impact all that follows.


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Not Just Another War Story by Wayne G MacDowell

Not Just Another War Story


ot Just Another War Story
transports the reader back in time in one of the most compelling World War II stories in many years. The author masterfully weaves this story through authentic towns and places of conflict that were focal points in the war where we find all the reflections of love, conflict, and hope that wartime brings.

It’s been six months since the surprise attack by the Japanese on Pearl Harbor … Now, it is the Spring of 1942… Steve Carmichael has just graduated from the University of Florida. From the time he was a boy growing up on a Central Florida cattle ranch, he has been flying. His Dad had purchased an old mail-route bi-plane when Steve was 11 and, within a year, the youngster was soaring with the birds in the airplane. As young men go off to fight in the war, Steve places a professional baseball career with the Detroit Tigers on hold…making the decision to join the Army Air Corps—his desire is to pilot the four-engine B-17 Flying Fortress Bomber into battle. He has no idea that ahead he will find strength he didn't know he had and a once in a lifetime chance at love.

You can almost hear the roar of B-17 engines when you fly along with Steve and his Crew as they do battle in the dangerous sky above occupied Europe. Each of the exciting bombing missions flown in "Not Just Another War Story" is an authentic 305th Bomb Group raid on the enemy. Experience the action-packed air battles of World War II as the airmen try to survive…only to fly into battle on the next mission with the possibility of being shot down over enemy territory, evading capture and making it safely back to England … with the help of the Dutch-French Underground.

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Book 6 in the Hidden Truths Series: Master of Disguise by Wendy VanHatten

Master of Disguise - Hidden Truths Series, book 6


he final episode in the Hidden Truths mystery series by Best-Selling author Wendy VanHatten, Master of Disguise, is available on Amazon as a Kindle book. The paperback version will follow shortly. Of course, Shadow plays a role in this one, too. Once again, Marta manages to find trouble. This time, diamonds are involved. After just don't know what will happen.

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend…until stolen ones begin to cause problems for Marta. She finds herself drawn into situations where the magnificent, stolen diamonds are wanted by some ruthless characters who don’t care who gets hurt in the process. Her fiancé, Clark, steps in to help her…until he can’t.

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Book 5 in the Hidden Truths Series: The Forger's Key by Wendy VanHatten

The Forger's Key- Hidden Truths Series book 5


nce again, Marta and Clark find themselves immersed in intrigue and danger with unscrupulous characters. This time, those characters are determined to eliminate everyone who knows anything about a mess of forged paintings. The forger could have been of assistance…until he’s killed and they’re left wondering who is calling the shots.

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Book 4 in the Hidden Truths Series: The Secret of the Pulroined Bracelet by Wendy VanHatten

The Secret of the Purloined Bracelet - Hidden Truths Series book 4


he mysteries Marta must now solve only intensify as she tries to understand why the Royal Jewels left by her grandmother seem to be surrounded by some very dark and sinister characters. Could this even be the reason for an innocent man's murder? Marta must figure all of this out even as villainous scoundrels are seemingly right behind her and this time, it's too close for comfort. Between San Francisco and Venice, the forgeries, stolen plans, and death of this innocent man toss Marta right in the middle. Interestingly, it is a bracelet that may hold the key to finally solving all of this intrigue.

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Book 3 in the Hidden Truths Series: The Secret of the Pulroined Bracelet by Wendy VanHatten

Dark Legacy - Hidden Truths Series book 3


t’s not every day you find out your father was a murderer and a thief…one who wants you dead. When he is killed, Marta tries to absorb those facts as she desperately attempts to clean up the mess her father left in his English mansion. Unsolved mysteries, rooms full of stolen antiques, threats on her life, circumspect characters, and his secret past are all funneled into the ugly maze she’s been thrown into. Just when she thinks she has something figured out, someone else causes her to take a step backward.

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Vineyard Secrets Book 2 in the Hidden Truths Seris  by author Wendy VanHatten

Vineyard Secrets - Hidden Truths Series book 2


arta thought she knew everything there was to know about her grandma. As her grandma lay dying, she warns Marta to be careful; very careful. The only problem is, Marta doesn’t know what she means. Then, her grandma’s will is read and things get more confusing. Secrets Marta didn’t know her grandma kept, treasures she didn’t know her grandma possessed, and people turning up murdered … and Marta still doesn’t know how or why her grandma is connected.

Follow Marta as she travels from San Francisco to Venice to discover the secrets that lay hidden in the vineyards..

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Champagne Lies Book 1 in the Hidden Truths series by author Wendy VanHatten

Champagne Lies - Hidden Truths Series book 1


hampagne was going to make it all better. But it didn't. From San Francisco to Italy, Stacie can't figure out how and why things keep happening. Throw in a few murders, a secret vault, a husband she thought she knew...and it all ends up in an Italian villa. With enough twists and turns to create some confusion, Stacie is positive she is done being surprised. But, it is far from the end.

Print $14.95

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Complete Library of Entrepreneurial Wisdom by Ginger Marks

Complete Library of Entrepreneurial Wisdom


ll the business savvy you need wrapped up in a cute little cover!"

The Complete Library of Entrepreneurial Wisdom is a treasure trove of knowledge and experience to help you dodge the slings and arrows of costly business challenges we all face. With over 30 years experience in multiple fields of expertise and businesses Ginger Marks shares with you what has helped her survive and flourish in all the ups and downs the business community and economy have endured.

The author of Presentational Skills for the Next Generation and the annual Weird & Wacky Holiday Marketing Guide: Your calendar of marketing ideas brings all her business savvy together in her latest work, Complete Library of Entrepreneurial Wisdom.

Having owned and operated businesses that vary from a surgical clinic to pressure washing, restaurant, and even MLMs, the knowledge and expertise in this book will help you navigate the road to your business success. Not only will you find pertinent information for your on-line business, but you'll also find business focused articles for your off-line entrepreneurial endeavor.

With over 150 articles covering everything from growing as an entrepreneur to designing your marketing pieces, this is a 'must have' for your business success library!

Now available in Kindle, ePub, PDF, and Print; the latter two editions include a topical index to help you easily find the topic you want and need.


All versions available here.

Slave to Grace by Joyce Fox

Slave to Grace


old into slavery to pay for his father’s foolishly wasteful spending, Onesimus finds life as a slave especially hard. His memories of his own treatment of slaves compare badly to the treatment he receives at the hands of his Christian master, Philemon. But when he is falsely accused of theft and cannot prove his innocence,he can’t believe his punishment will be any less than what he would have meted out in his own household. Filled with fear, he steals a purse of money and runs away, planning to leave Greece and lose himself in the crowded streets of Rome. On the way, he hears stories of Paul, who survived the bite of an adder but insists he is only a man, not a god.

When Onesimus finally meets Paul, he finds himself attracted not only to the man, but to the God he serves. After studying with Paul a while,Onesimus goes back to Philemon to “make his paths straight.” Adventures and miracles along the way abound.Will Philemon accept him back or sell him? Will his fellow-slaves welcome him? What of the “girl he left behind?” Is there happiness in store for Onesimus or will sorrow be his lot?

Available in Print

2018 Weird & Wacky Holiday Marketing Guide (9th Edition)

2018 Weird & Wacky Holiday Marketing Guide (9th Edition)


Marketing Best-Seller and Award Winning Series this book will take your marketing to new successes. With fun holiday ideas for each month, week, day and the entire calendar year, templates, tools, links and resources your business marketing is made easy!

Print and Kindle


Holiday Marketing Guide Companion PlaybookYou asked for it and it's finally available! The long awaited calendar listing with space to pen your thoughts and plans for the weird & wacky holidays you choose to showcase your business. Use this companion book with the annual Weird & Wacky Holiday Marketing Guide to plan and track your business marketing success.

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Starting Your Own Business

99 Things Women Wish They Knew Before Starting Their Own Business


Things WOMEN WISH THEY KNEW BEFORE® STARTING THEIR OWN BUSINESS is THE must-have guide for any woman starting her own business. Designed as your very own "coach in a pocket," it’s full of unique tips on creating a hugely successful business and incorporating it into your life. This guide will navigate you through your journey into entrepreneurship, with tips on how to unlock your passion; tricks on writing a stellar business plan that will be sure to get approved; techniques on developing a killer marketing and sales plan; proven methods on how to motivate employees, keep your clients loyal; manage the emotional side of business; how to balance it all... and MORE!

Going to Culinary School

99 Things You Wish You Knew Before Going To Culinary School


THINGS YOU WISH YOU KNEW BEFORE GOING TO CULINARY SCHOOL is the first book of its kind. In its pages, Regina Varolli—who grew up in restaurants and is a contributor to Huffington Post / Food—offers indispensible advice gathered over a lifetime spent with industry professionals. Full of insightful quotes from chefs like Bobby Flay, Emeril Lagasse, Duff Goldman, Marcus Samuelsson, and Susur Lee, 99 THINGS YOU WISH YOU KNEW BEFORE GOING TO CULINARY SCHOOL will help everyone from high school students to career changers make the best decision about their education and career. This easy-to-read book also reveals insights on making the most of school—or no school, and is packed with information you won’t find anywhere else. 99 THINGS YOU WISH YOU KNEW BEFORE GOING TO CULINARY SCHOOL is a must read for anyone contemplating an education and a career in the dynamic, competitive culinary industry.

Getting Fit Without Going to the Gym

99 Things Women Wish They Knew Before Getting Fit Without the Gym



here is a health crisis in this country, an epidemic of humongous proportion. Currently more than 1 billion adults are overweight—and at least 300 million of them are clinically obese.Time and money or lack of them are he biggest perceived barrier to living  a fit healthy life with the body you always dreamed of having. We are spending most of our waking hours at work, commuting  and  taking  care  of our family’s needs. With all of the demands placed on our time who has even an extra minute to get to the gym?

Our bodies are meant to be in motion, and in this book I will show you how to do that without spending a cent or ever setting foot in a gym!

EVERY person has the ability to eliminate their own personal barriers to becoming fit and live their healthiest life possible. Through that, you will obtain the body you’ve always wanted. It won’t cost you money and you won’t need a gym membership. These tricks and tools are meant for you to implement into your already busy life. I want to help you fit fitness into your day seamlessly in incremental amounts. Living a healthy life and being in great shape does not require an all or nothing approach, so please check your excuses at the door. Little by little you can start making healthier more concise choices to move more, eat less and find the balance you need to keep it sustainable. It is a lifestyle approach, a road to feeling your absolute best.

You will never regret a day you were active.

Choosing Adoption

99 Things You Wish You Knew Before Choosing Adoption


Things You Wish You Knew Before... Choosing Adoption is your comprehensive guide to help you through your adoption journey. If you have ever been interested in adoption-as a prospective adoptive family, a birth parent, or even as an adoption practitioner-this book is for you! It addresses the mysteries and myths that surround and permeate the adoption process, simplifying them for the non-lawyer and keeping the reader entertained all the while. Fear not the adoption process! The Kaskys, with their 60+ years of combined experience, efficiently answer all of your questions in a straightforward no-nonsense manner.

The Pink Elephant in the Bedroom by JulieAnn Engel

The Pink Elephant in the Bedroom


very day millions of people tiptoe around the frustrating subject of herpes, most people have some degree of angst or upset about it, and still no one talks about it. It’s the "Pink Elephant" in the Bedroom and its prevalence is considered epidemic with up to 95% of adults exposed to some form of herpes virus. This book offers hope and empowerment, providing an oasis of information and practical ways to approach and manage herpes, including a natural and organic option that offers a powerful alternative to prescription medications, has no side effects, and helps boost your body’s own natural immune response to lessen the effects of all viruses. The Pink Elephant in the Bedroom is about taking your power back, taking your life back, and living triumphantly! Influenced by her own struggle with the Epstein-Barr virus, far from settling for simply enduring any herpes virus, JulieAnn’s goal is to make a difference for people who dare to believe in possibilities and step out to find them.

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Believe in the Magic by Dee Louis Scott

Believe in the Magic


attie Pearl Fisher, always told me to believe in the magic. The magic meant miracles. These miracles of life can be big, small and everything in between. This book is a journey through the events in her life. There are also the life lessons gained from those events. Her story is very powerful and inspirational; her spirit tenacious and infectious. Mattie encouraged all women she met to never settle for less than they deserved. Let the tenacity of one woman inspire you to the greatness you were created for.

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Weekly Word for your Daily Walk Devotional Journal

Weekly Word for your Daily Walk


he Prayer Journal is designed to be a part of your daily meditation time. It is purposely structured so that you can begin at any time of the year and on any day of the week. Therefore, starting on January 1 is not necessary; nor is it necessary to begin on Sunday of each week. You choose when you would like to begin. Then you have one full year of the Weekly Word with inspirational messages and space to record your daily prayers. Another unique feature of this journal is that it contains a Topical Index. Therefore, you are able to focus an entire week of prayer and meditation on one of the specific areas listed in the back. There is no longer a need to meditate on the topics consecutively, but you have the flexibility to choose the devotional topic for any given week.

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Monti's Story: Love Lifted Me by Trish Harleston, Revb

Monti's Story: Love Lifted Me


onti's Story is a journey to find God through darkness, despair and grief. It is the story of the life of a young man, told in his own words through his writings, compiled and narrated by his aunt. This journey shares the depth of grief and the joy of the light of Christ. Through this book, you can travel with Monti through this loss and rejoice in how God's Love Lifted Him out of the pit.

Get your print copy here

Walls of a Warrior by Dawna Hetzler
Walls of a Warrior—2015 Illuminatation book awards winner


alls of a Warrior and its companion Study Guide are the ideal tools to overcome the walls that keep you from achieving lasting, loving relationships in your life.

Every one of us has fears that cause us to build walls around our hearts. We believe they protect us but they actually hinder, causing us to isolate ourselves from God and others. These walls need to come down just like the walls of Jericho came crashing down. As we journey to Jericho together, it is my hope that the words, stories and experiences of the Jericho Girls will help to transform you into the woman of God you were called to Walls of a Warrior book and study guidebe-one without walls.

Commercial Truck Success by Terry Minion

Commercial Truck Success


his book is designed to offer a detailed overview and strategy for improving any commercial truck operation. Especially, it will help those dealers who are thinking about getting into this market or who have been dabbling in it. Dealers will understand how a commercial truck operation can be dramatically improved and how they can grow their commercial fleet division, as quickly as possible, with profit.

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So He Cheated, Now What? Do I stay or walk away? by author Nicole Cleveland

So He Cheated, Now What?


earn How to Rebuild your Marriage/Relationship After an Affair. Discover the painful truth behind Infidelity. The answer may save your Marriage!

So He Cheated, Now What? is a one woman’s testimonial on how she overcame an affair in her marriage. Everyday women are asking the questions, "Do I Stay or Walk Away?" and "Can the Trust Ever be Restored?" Nicole Cleveland shares the steps to rebuilding trust after an affair in this book. After reading this book you will understand that marriage is a threesome and God is the ultimate restorer.

Dating after 40, 50, and YES, 60! by Rosalind Sedacca, CCT and Amy Sherman, LMHC

99 Things Women Wish They Knew Before® Dating After 40, 50, & Yes, 60!



re you tired of getting into relationships that go nowhere? Fed-up with making poor choices—or wasting time on partners who don't share your path? Then this is the book for you. Dating at midlife has its own special challenges. To succeed, it's important to be realistic about what you can and cannot expect from a romantic, long-term relationship.

At midlife, your purpose shifts from the superficial to the meaningful, from external gratification to internal satisfaction and purpose. Many boomer women find themselves ready to start dating again, but hesitate due to fear or other concerns. Will anyone find me desirable? Should I even try? Is it really possible to find that meaningful relationship at this stage of my life? This book will address the key points we feel you need to know before you begin a romantic relationship. 99 THINGS WOMEN WISH THEY KNEW BEFORE® DATING AFTER 40, 50, & YES, 60! will empower you so that you can avoid the pitfalls and mistakes many women face and increase the likelihood of developing a healthy, mutually satisfactory bond with your significant other.

It';s time to stop being an observer, watching and waiting while life goes on without you. Become part of the action. Create your best life. This book will show you how to step outside your comfort zone into a place of insight, awareness and conscious decision-making. You can have the relationship you desire and deserve. Don't let it pass you by!

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How to Get On the News Without Committing Murder

How to Get On the News Without Committing Murder


inally, a book for those of us who are “SEASONED” in everything but how to get media coverage . . .

If you’re looking for your time to shine in the media spotlight at midlife and beyond, you owe it to yourself to get your very own copy of this book which offers 8 KILLER TIPS on creating a positive media image.

The author, Beverly Mahone, has more than 30 years of experience in radio and television news. She says she’s thrown away more press releases than she’ll admit while working in the newsroom and in her book she explains why.

In How to Get on the News Without Committing Murder, Beverly explains how to write a dynamic press release that will capture some media attention plus 7 other Killer Tips like:

  • Using age and experience to your advantage
  • The absolute best places to find journalists on and offline
  • What to do if the media isn’t coming to you….and MORE!

The book is already being hailed as a MUST READ!

Get your print copy here

When the Cat Speaks ... Listen by Wendy VanHatten

When the Cat Speaks . . . Listen


es, Myron…life should be enjoyed.

According to Myron, cats can teach us all about enjoying life in a purr-fectly good manner. He should know. He is a pampered cat with a great attitude. Enjoy the wisdom and humor as Myron takes us on a journey of life according to a cat.

Myron tells her he has another book in him…of course it could be just another meow. Who knows?

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Pioneer Potpourri by Rosalind Batterbee Bundy Wescott & Compiled by Dawn Batterbee Miller
Pioneer Potpourri

Pioneer Potpourri - Second Edition NOW AVAILABLE!


collection of true stories told by the hearty midwest families that lived through them when life was hard and living was even harder. Print Edition Only $15.00

This book is the precurser to Dawn's Lost series.


Other books by Dawn Batterbee Miller:

Footprints Under the Pines & the sequel Lost in the Deep Woods
Footprints Under the Pines by author, Dawn Batterbee MillerLost in the Deep Woods by author, Dawn Batterbee Miller

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Footprints Under the Pines, book 1 in the Deep Woods Series by Dawn Batterbee Miller

Footprints Under the Pines - Deep Woods Series, book 1


atherine Bains lost everything when her parents died of consumption in England and she was shunted off to Canada to live with an aunt she never knew. Once she met and married Frank McLean, however, she thought her pain and sadness were gone forever. Then a tragic fire destroys her house and takes the life of her precious infant son. Katherine, Frank, and their two daughters must leave their home and start anew in frigid, rough, lumberjack territory. Long ago, she'd abandoned any faith in a God who would allow such devastation and despair to happen. But when catastrophe and heartbreak tail the family and a series of events finds Katherine frightened and hopeless in the deep north wilderness, she discovers she has never been alone. God's mercy is always near, and help comes in the most unexpected ways.

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Footprints Under the Pines, book 1 in the Deep Woods Series by Dawn Batterbee Miller

Lost in the Deep Woods - Deep Woods Series, book 2


annah McLean races through the deep woods to meet her brother Seth. What is he hiding? Why doesn't he want to be seen? What bleak history is clouding his life? Then before Hannah can discover his dark deed, he's on the run again. When a stranger comes to town, Hannah rejects his intrusion and attentiveness. Is he looking for Seth? Why won't he just go away and leave her and her family alone?

Meanwhile, Seth drifts through the great forest and the logging camps of northern Michigan, trying to outrun his past. His fear and desolation drive him deeper and deeper into the remote timberland, while his loved ones try desperately to find him and save him from himself. Will Seth be on the run forever, or will the truth eventually catch up with him?

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My Life: The Sequel by Wendy VanHatten
My Life: The Sequel


y Life: The Sequel is a book about women, working, raising kids, being a solopreneur, and surviving it all.

A Testimonial of Insanity by Alice Nehme
A Testimonial of Insanity The journey home - A true story


to 10% AA government based programs succeed. Private rehabs that offer medical detox have a success rate of 70%. The success rate increases immensely with the use of sauna programs because the physical craving is removed as the toxins leave the body and counseling/therapy removes the mental cravings for the habit while they are in the Rehab Centre as they are working on a complete lifestyle changes in their recovery. Why is that? I believe it’s because drug rehab is only a beginning. The ongoing love and support from the outside world will make the difference between an addict successfully continuing recovering or re-entering that dark world of insanity.


"Addiction is a lifetime battle, but love and support is an unconditional lifetime commitment. Inspire your miracle which lies within. In a perfect world everyone with a loved one suffering addiction would have the knowledge and understanding that exudes from Ally's soul.

I am going to be promoting this book, A Testimonial of Insanity, to every rehabilitation centre I have in my database. I do this with respect and my belief that this book will touch the lives of everyone that has the privilege of reading it.

Thank you Ally, it is a blessing to have such a gifted author's work out there for everyone to read.”

Brenda Herzog
Addiction Rehab Placement Specialist

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Also Available in French

Presentational Skills for the Next Generation by Ginger Marks
Presentational Skills for the Next Generation


ecome the gifted speaker you always wanted to be.


This unique guide will inspire you and make you think about those opportunities in your own business that can increase your business’ bottom line.

You will soon discover:

• How to organize your content
• Working with audio-visual technology
• Dealing with fear
• How to look the part
• How to close effectively and efficiently
• Resources to make implementation easy and effective

Print & Digital formats available

The World of Miracles by Sandi Lovrecic
The World of Miracles


he World of Miracles, Awakening Poems of Life is a work of love and passion composed from the heart and the soul of Sandi Lovrecic. This, his first work, is filled with inspirational musing derived from his personal life experience.

From romantic and love poems to inspirational and spiritual prose, these poems are written simply yet are both encouraging and easily understandable. You will find yourself enthralled with Lovrecic’s wonderfully inspiring writings.

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The World Has Lost Its Heart by author Alice Nehme
The World Has Lost Its Heart


iscover how to trust your heart and learn to make decisions based on love -- not anger. De-stress by trusting your inner heart to live a more fulfilling and impactful life.



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School Cents by author Sue Pierce, CPA
School Cents


ue Pierce has worked with hundreds of schools helping them save money through behavioral change. School Cents...The Energy Behavior Management Guide gives you the tools to create a grassroots energy behavior management program that the entire school community can get behind and support. Tried and true, this simple process has produced success time and time again. To learn more please go to


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Back to the Table with My Country Kitchen by Betty Lynch
Back to the Table with My Country Kitchen


ack to the Table with My Country Kitchen is dedicated to help you save money, prepare easy meals, help your family slow down, and spend at least thirty quality minutes together every day.

Print Edition Only $15.95

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