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John R. York, author
John York grew up in a rural town in central Ohio and has fond memories of working on the extended-family farms during the summer months of his youth. He served in the Air Force with the 3rd Air Rescue and Recovery Group in Viet Nam and in Thailand with the 40th Rescue and Recovery Squadron toward the end of that unpopular war.

John eventually attended college at Florida Atlantic University and received his bachelor’s degree in computer science and worked in that industry for the next 24 years. The beginning of this period was when the Internet was being born, and he was lucky enough to have been involved in many of the historic efforts to create and evolve those technologies.

Along the way, his wife, Paula, and John built our beloved Hellanback Ranch (HB) in the back country of San Diego County. This was their little piece of paradise where they raised livestock, planted wine grapes, and started a winery. Ramona, the little town a few miles from the ranch, was a great place to live, and over the years we became very involved in the community. The time came, however, when ranching and winemaking were a bit overwhelming, and the Yorks made the painful decision to sell the ranch. They relocated to New Port Richey on the west coast of Florida so that he could focus on writing.

John got the idea to start writing novels around 2014. He had done a lot of professional writing dealing with management and technology during his career, but always loved telling stories. It was in his blood, as he would say. In 2016 he retired and has been writing ever since. John has published books in several different genres. He also loves to cook, play the piano and sing, and has composed several songs. John is still involved with winemakers back in California and enjoys mentoring those who are just getting started in that industry.

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The Five Watches: an accident of time by John R. York
The Five Watches: an accident in time

It is 600 years in the future, 2619. Man has all but destroyed planet Earth. The New World Order is using genetic engineering to control every aspect of human existence, including procreation! Suddenly, a scientist, his pheromone enhanced mate, and son find themselves thrust back to 2019. A small group of unlikely characters band together to save the future people from themselves. Will they stop the tribe that is attempting to acquire a cache of arms to carry back to the future, or will civilization continue to spiral down the path to destruction?

Trouble in Choctaw County by John R. York
Trouble in Choctaw County

A young man named Perseus is cast out of his home and sets out on a journey seeking adventure and a new life. He was named after the mythological Greek hero who beheaded the Gorgon Medusa and used her severed head to kill the sea monster, Cetus, to save the beautiful Andromeda. This Perseus, however, is no hero. Until now, he has lived a privileged life and has never been motivated or interested in accomplishing much of anything.

He wanders the land with no particular destination in mind until he runs out of money in a backwater town he considers to be in the middle of nowhere. He isn’t sure what he should do, but the Fates cast a bit of timely good fortune his way. Two strangers notice him sitting at the counter in an old diner at the edge of town; a young cowgirl and a young Indian from the Choctaw reservation. Before he knows it, he’s working at a local cattle ranch.

A few weeks later he listens to an old Native American from the Choctaw tribe, tell a group of children a traditional story about a mysterious winged creature called Sint Holo. Perseus begins to dream about the mythical beast. His life gets more complicated when the foreman of another cattle ranch begins to bully him. During the following months, extraordinary events will sweep Perseus and everyone around him into a whole new world of discovery, upheaval, and transformation.