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Victoria Oltarsh, author

Victoria Gail Oltarsh

Victoria Oltarsh is a native New Yorker who grew up playing in Central Park while visiting her grandparents who lived across the street. Now a mother and grandmother, she feels most comfortable in the delightful company of children. Victoria has spent her thirty-five-year career directing original and classical plays, teaching improv, story theater, and is a published lyricist on the song, “Lucky Charm,” produced by Grover Washington Jr.

Victoria is also a recipient of an individual artist grant from The Arts Council of Rockland. Her adaptations of classical fairy tales have been performed for students at school assembly programs by River Light Theater Adult Touring Company.

Whether as a teaching artist working for Arts in Ed agency in an underserved NYC public school, or teaching in private schools, summer programs, and art centers, Victoria loves to encourage children how to find their inner voice expressing themselves through the creative arts. Inspired by the universal wonder of the mystery of looking up at the stars, she is excited to share her space-fantasy adventure story with all.

About Victoria's Work

The Boy and the Secret of the Stars by Victoria Gail Oltarsh, Illustrated by LaLita Olivia King
The Boy and the Secret of the Stars

Eight-year-old Eli makes a wish on a twilight star and is whisked away on an outer space adventure. Guided by Cygnus, a star boy from the Swan Constellation, they meet the captivating Princess of Glitterland, who tells him to direct all his questions to the Star Maker. But the sinister Glizzards capture them enroute, leaving Eli to wonder if he will ever learn the secret of the stars and find his way back to his home on Earth.

Harcover | Kindle

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