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When the Cat Speaks ... Listen

When the Cat Speaks . . . Listen


es, Myron…life should be enjoyed.

According to Myron, cats can teach us all about enjoying life in a purr-fectly good manner. He should know. He is a pampered cat with a great attitude. Enjoy the wisdom and humor as Myron takes us on a journey of life according to a cat.

Myron tells her he has another book in him…of course it could be just another meow. Who knows?

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Ten Things Children with Food Allergies Want You to Know


ould it surprise you to know that once every 15 minutes, a child is rushed to the emergency room with a potentially life-threatening allergic reaction?

When your child is given a diagnosis of a life-threatening food allergy, it changes how you do everything. For most of us, the world is divided between those who “get it” and those who “don’t get it”. Our child’s physical and emotional well-being depends on us putting you in the right category; the “get it” crowd.

Learn what children with food allergies think and feel. Become a "get it" person in the know. of the Gang book

Also available; One Of The Gang: Nurturing the Souls of Children with Food Allergies Published by AuthorHouse

Pioneer Potpourri

Pioneer Potpourri - Second Edition NOW AVAILABLE!


collection of true stories told by the hearty midwest families that lived through them when life was hard and living was even harder. Print Edition Only $15.00

This book is the precurser to Dawn's latest work, Footprints Under the Pines.


Also available; Footprints Under the Pines Published by WinePressFootprints Under the Pines by author, Dawn Batterbee Miller

Audio Excerpt as read by author

Available at

My Life: The Sequel
My Life: The Sequel


y Life: The Sequel is a book about women, working, raising kids, being a solopreneur, and surviving it all.

So He Cheated, Now What?


earn How to Rebuild your Marriage/Relationship After an Affair. Discover the painful truth behind Infidelity. The answer may save your Marriage!

So He Cheated, Now What? is a one woman’s testimonial on how she overcame an affair in her marriage. Everyday women are asking the questions, "Do I Stay or Walk Away?" and "Can the Trust Ever be Restored?" Nicole Cleveland shares the steps to rebuilding trust after an affair in this book. After reading this book you will understand that marriage is a threesome and God is the ultimate restorer.

A Testimonial of Insanity The journey home - A true story


to 10% AA government based programs succeed. Private rehabs that offer medical detox have a success rate of 70%. The success rate increases immensely with the use of sauna programs because the physical craving is removed as the toxins leave the body and counseling/therapy removes the mental cravings for the habit while they are in the Rehab Centre as they are working on a complete lifestyle changes in their recovery. Why is that? I believe it’s because drug rehab is only a beginning. The ongoing love and support from the outside world will make the difference between an addict successfully continuing recovering or re-entering that dark world of insanity.


"Addiction is a lifetime battle, but love and support is an unconditional lifetime commitment. Inspire your miracle which lies within. In a perfect world everyone with a loved one suffering addiction would have the knowledge and understanding that exudes from Ally's soul.

I am going to be promoting this book, A Testimonial of Insanity, to every rehabilitation centre I have in my database. I do this with respect and my belief that this book will touch the lives of everyone that has the privilege of reading it.

Thank you Ally, it is a blessing to have such a gifted author's work out there for everyone to read.”

Brenda Herzog
Addiction Rehab Placement Specialist

Print available here

Presentational Skills for the Next Generation


ecome the gifted speaker you always wanted to be.


This unique guide will inspire you and make you think about those opportunities in your own business that can increase your business’ bottom line.

You will soon discover:

• How to organize your content
• Working with audio-visual technology
• Dealing with fear
• How to look the part
• How to close effectively and efficiently
• Resources to make implementation easy and effective

Print & Digital formats available

The World Has Lost Its Heart


oin Alice in sharing this journey through life; a journey that brought us to where we are, and the steps we should take to reach our goals. Discover how to transform what society dictates as acceptable behaviour back to listening and following our hearts, to guide us to the truth within.

The World Has Lost Its Heart will channel you to a vision and a state of being that will bring you back to‘we’ and away from ‘me’. It will give you the strength to have a voice and find your truth and value. Never settle for what others ‘will’ you to be, but be who you ‘will’ yourself to be. This vision paves the way to those answers. WE are all born under love. Learn to recognize the exceptions in your life and let them in.

The words "unconditional love" are a must on this planet.There is a vision that has been lost;the world must regain its heart.

Print: $9.99 • Kindle $4.99 • ePub $4.99 • PDF $4.99 Available here


The World of Miracles


he World of Miracles, Awakening Poems of Life is a work of love and passion composed from the heart and the soul of Sandi Lovrecic. This, his first work, is filled with inspirational musing derived from his personal life experience.

From romantic and love poems to inspirational and spiritual prose, these poems are written simply yet are both encouraging and easily understandable. You will find yourself enthralled with Lovrecic’s wonderfully inspiring writings.

Print and Kindle Editions

Back to the Table with My Country Kitchen


ack to the Table with My Country Kitchen is dedicated to help you save money, prepare easy meals, help your family slow down, and spend at least thirty quality minutes together every day.

Print Edition Only $15.95

My Monthly Business Journal


chieve your business goals easily and efficiently with this step by step monthly journal. Each month includes relevant questions, ideas, notes, and journal area. Anna Campbell is the author of My Monthly Business Journal. Anna has created the perfect way to maintain business growth, passion and excitement for your business in this easy to read, easy to follow, and easy to use journal.

Print $15.00

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  • I'm new to book authorship, how do I get started?
  • Begin by reading books on the subject you enjoy. Pay attention to the way they are written and the things you enjoy most about them. This will give you a head start on writing your own book.
  • Traditional, Subsidy/Multi-platform and Vanity Press publishing, what's the difference?
  • The differences between traditional and vanity press are soon obvious in the royalties you will earn. While the traditional house will typically pay 8% on paperback and 10% on hardback books, you will find the Multi-platform press, such as DocUmeant Publishing, will give a better percetage and provide services on demand, finally the self-published author will pay all the fees, and hold all the rights. But, as a self-published author, you have to learn every step by yourself too. Either way you go, you must be willing to market your finished book.
  • What are some of the things that need to be budgeted for?
  • You need to look into all the factors that go into the creation of a book: printing, interior design, editing, cover design, bar code and that's just the beginning. Our DocUmeant Publishing Guide will help to answer this question and is available to you no strings attached. You'll find the link on the home page and the Get Published pop-up window.